With, Striper Express guide service, you do not have to bring anything as they. Seagulls invade Lake Texoma in the fall and point the way to huge schools of striper pushing bait to the surface! Why are these months easier? Stripers are an aggressive fish, but a good number of folks love that battle! Lots of boats, lots of fireworks, lots of people. The sun heats up the rocks and the shallow water warms up very fast. Stop! Weather: Cooling off with some cold mornings. 1) 3/4oz Jig Head with a 4-inch Glow Sassy Shad. It also adds to your striper fishing repertoire, making you a well-rounded and experienced fisherman. You can find great Lake Texoma fishing guides Kingston OK at Alberta Creek marina too. Our October dates go fast, so book in advance. With over 89,000 acres of water, knowing where to go can be difficult if you aren’t from the area. He started fishing for stripers with the dead-sticking method four years ago. Winter striper fishing Lake Texoma can be cold, but rewarding. Yes, there are some alligators, but they won’t hurt you if you leave them alone. Capt Steve Barnes – Lake Texoma Striper Guide. Captain Steve Buckley has a genuine passion for striper fishing and provides clients with the most experienced guided fishing on Lake Texoma. Where will I stay while on a striper fishing vacation in Lake Texoma? Detailed fishing maps are available from local chambers of commerce, the Lake Texoma Association, and most North Texas fishing tackle stores. Striper Fishing Lake Texoma with live-bait, Lake Texoma Fishing Guide John Blasingame, Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Guide John Blasingame, how to find the best Lake Texoma Fishing Guides, What’s In A Lake Texoma Fishing Guides Tackle Box, How To Find The Best Lake Texoma Fishing Guides, How to Striper Fish with Slab Spoon Lures, Dead Stick Fishing-Freshwater Striper Lures, Texas Fishing Forum-TFF-Striper Fishing Texas. Spend the 4th of July with Lake Texoma Fishing Guide Aaron Sharp! If you want to fish slab spoons, we can arrange a lure trip, but 85% of our June trips are live-bait. Summer-Lake Texoma Striper Seasonal Pattern This is prime time for catching Striper on slabs and topwater lures! Try a ribbon worm trailer to add more action. ... Book Now. These campgrounds provide food spots to fish for striper from the banks of Lake Texoma. Buy online: Honorable Mention Lake Texoma Striper Lures, Lake Texoma Fishing Guides-A Complete Guide to Striper Fishing Lake Texoma. You gotta dress for it but there really isn’t a better time to fish. With its clear, cool waters and breathtaking surroundings, Lake Texoma has always been a great place to hang out with family and friends. Typically, a fishing trip takes 4 to 6 hours. The experimental stocking of stripers at Lake Texoma and Lake Keystone in 1965 paid dividends. Located near the banks of Lake Texoma, this family-owned motel provides guests with exceptional food, drinks, lodging, and stay packages. A Lake Texoma fishing guide knows the lake like their backyard. Lake Texoma striper fishing is really going strong, with the water temperature rising the fish get more active. Lake Texoma Striper can be on the skinny side in May, but it won’t be long until they are healthy and ready for the long summer. fishing guide on Lake Texoma and catch striper like a pro right now? This guide will help you make the most of your Lake Texoma striper fishing vacation and share a complete guide to Striper Fishing Lake Texoma. Fishing for striper with the guidance of a qualified guide can be a great shortcut to success in learning proven fishing techniques. Usually, by mid-July, the fish will be congregating in the main lake areas towards the dam. To make it easier for you, we’ve compiled some of the top Lake Texoma fishing guides so you can pick one that is a good fit. Some of the foods you can enjoy at this café include prime rib, shrimp scampi, chicken cordon bleu, tacos, omelets, filet, scallops, and many other delicacies. The sun warms up the rocks, the rocks warm up the shallow water, and the shad move into the warmer water. A guide will make the learning curve easier. Here is a great blog post we did a few months ago on how to find the best Lake Texoma Fishing Guides. Their rates are $415 per trip based on four anglers. When you go fishing with a Lake Texoma guide, you’ll learn new and productive methods. Water Temperatures: 80 and moving back to 75, Striper Fishing Tactic: Live-Bait, Topwater Plugs on the Beach. Once the topwater bite slows as the sun comes up you can back off into 15-20 feet of water and Striper Fish with paddle tail swimbaits and slab spoons. If you’re unfamiliar with Lake Texoma and you want your fishing trip to be a success, hiring a local guide will maximize your time on the waters. Lake Texoma’s Topwater Plug season starts in May and peaks in September. Now is the best time to go fishing at Lake Texoma, experts say. For winter Striper fishing, your best bet is to head to the national parks that surround Lake Texoma, where the majority of fishing guides like to dock their boats. What is the best time to go striper fishing in Lake Texoma? Six-inch topwater plugs cast into one foot of sandy water, and you can hardly see the lure because the sun is not up over the tree line, then you hear the explosion! He has what it takes to create exceptional striper fishing trips for individual anglers, families, groups, and charters. Get out on the lake with a paddleboat and explore the lake for yourself. A guide has more experience assessing the lake conditions allowing you to adjust your fishing strategy for safety purposes. All-year-round. If you’re looking for a memorable striper fishing excursion in Lake Texoma, look no further than John Blasingame. May is our second favorite time of … The tail-spinner is often thought of as a White Bass lure and this is true, but try a 3/4oz model and see how Lake Texoma Striper like the lure. We will drift live-bait more than anchoring up. Generally, when you plan a fishing trip to Lake Texoma, there are many benefits of hiring a professionally licensed fishing guide. The vibrant retail center is home to more than 50 stores offering different products and services. Apart from the close proximity to pristine sandy beaches, visitors can enjoy the convenience of nearby stores and a marina. The campground has scenic views of the lake from the park and has plenty of trees offering shade. Lake Texoma Fishing Guide Rates 2020. Get started. $ 7.00 for a lure that catches big Striper is cheap.”  Good luck out there, see you on the water! Striper Fish to the sand in the summertime, but be very quiet. Winter fishing has been excellent here on Lake Texoma! 2) 1.5oz Chartreuse Slab Spoon We can get hot fast, then cold again in a blink of an eye! Winter is the best time for BIG fish. You could spend many years learning how to catch striper in Lake Texoma. With a Lake Texoma fishing guide, you’ll not waste time using trial and error or using the wrong fishing tackle. Once Lake Texoma water surface temperatures reach 65 degrees or better, Striper fishing gets outstanding. has an unbeatable record in guided fishing; hence you can expect a perfect striper fishing excursion. Instead of wasting time and money trying to teach yourself how to fish in Lake Texoma, fishing with a local guide will eliminate trial and error, save you time, and it’s probably cheaper. You will catch fish, no matter what time of year you decide to visit, but the summer months are the most popular. For more information please follow Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Guides. Water temperatures cool off to 70 degrees and Striper get very active herding shad into huge balls of bait. Shad love the warmer water and Lake Texoma Striped Bass eat baitfish. Besides, their boat fleet can accommodate up to five anglers so you can enjoy awesome fishing with family or friends. For more information follow Lake Texoma Flood Gates. Largemouth bass are fair fishing soft plastic swimbaits, deep diving crankbaits, bladed spinners, and spoons in 15-30’. What is the Striper limit on Lake Texoma? It saves you money and time, guarantees your safety, and you benefit from the guide’s experience to make your trip as productive as it can possibly be. Fishing for striper or any other fish species can be an intimidating undertaking, especially if you’re a beginner and new to Lake Texoma. Follow Lake Texoma Fishing Guides for more information. We can not have a complete guide to Striper Fishing Lake Texoma without a top 10 fishing lure list. Even seasoned anglers often hire fishing guides in Lake Texoma to learn subtle tactics for catching more fish. Come experience a great day on Lake Texoma fishing in Striper … We have several blogs that cover freshwater Striper Fishing Lures, so we will link to some of those and break down the basics on this post. moestackleshop.com lake Texoma fishing guides in Texas have fished in the region for years; hence they know the best spots to find different fish species. One day with a Lake Texoma fishing guide can put you years ahead of the game. This departmental store offers a great selection of online electronics, baby merchandise, groceries, outdoor living items, fashion, and many more. PH 469-418-5326 You could spend many years learning how to catch striper in Lake Texoma. Guests can enjoy an on-site restaurant and a lounge during their stay. Lake Texoma Fishing Report – January is the best time for BIG Texoma Striper Fishing. The best thing about Striper Express guide service is that they provide a family-friendly environment appropriate for all ages. This is the largest shopping center located between US-75 and US-82 north of Dallas. Are you planning a Lake Texoma striper fishing vacation? Lake Texoma rests on the border of Texas and Oklahoma, 80 miles north of DFW International Airport or 180 miles south of Oklahoma City. Yes. Lake Texoma Guide Service guarantees that you will catch fish, no matter what time of year you decide to visit. The Striper will follow the shad into this shallow warm water, and it makes for some exciting action. Striper Fishing Tactic: Live-Bait, and any lure you like. Lake Texoma fishing guides will make your fishing trip safe, exciting, and successful, getting you to the best fishing spots. The daily bag limit is 5 fish for all black bass species in any combination. When choosing a Lake Texoma fishing guide, you’ll want to consider important factors such as reputation, safety, price, and adaptability. Besides, he can custom design a Lake Texoma striper trip around your needs. Open year-round from 11 am to 10 pm; De Happy Cajun also boasts a spacious patio, private dining rooms, full-service bar, and ample parking. I would say “hey man you pulled up in a $ 60,000 truck and a $ 60,000 boat with $ 10,000 of electronics, rods, reels, and more! Here are some Lake Texoma Fishing Guide Reviews. MAY thru JUNE is the most exciting time for striper fishing on Lake Texoma!It is special to us because Winter cold is in retreat, Spring has brought very fine weather, and the striper spawn is in high gear. With over two decades as a professional fishing guide and a lifetime of fishing knowledge, John Blasingame loves sharing his techniques and knowledge with his clients. Located just three miles from the Red River Railroad Museum, off Highway 75, this Lake Texoma hotel offers travelers ideal accommodation and exceptional service at affordable rates. You can take part in various fun activities in Lake Texoma, including striper fishing, water skiing, birding, and relaxing on the sandy beaches. Located in Alberta Creek Rd, Kingston, this floating café serves freshly prepared meals at great prices. Certified local guides are equipped with all the fishing gear you’ll need on the waters, so when you hire a Lake Texoma fishing guide, all you do is have a good time catching Striped Bass. The café offers a casual atmosphere and stunning lakeside views. He has been a full-time fishing guide since 2002 and has what it takes to serve any size group large or small, creating a customized fishing experience for clients. A trip to Lake Texoma cannot be complete without a visit to Eisenhower State Park. Gourmet dinner is served on Friday and Saturday nights. If you like to catch big Striper Deadsticking soft plastic flukes, Lake Texoma is your destination. You won’t get this kind of information on most Lake Texoma Striper Fishing sites, but August is very difficult at best. Take a look at the Lake Texoma Fishing Guides post by Chris Carey for more topwater plug information. With this license, valid until December 31 following the date of issuance, a person may fish in both the Texas and Oklahoma waters of Lake Texoma without any additional Texas or Oklahoma fishing licenses. Lake Texoma fishing guides prices vary based on a wide range of factors. We will also see the first significant topwater activity of the year and can start our slab spoon season as well. If you’re looking for a peaceful place to camp or hang out with loved ones on the southeast side of Lake Texoma, Juniper Point Campgrounds are great spots, and they’re open year-round. The service is top class, and dinner is served daily in their Garden Grille & Bar. Find the shad and you will find the Striped Bass on Lake Texoma. A Lake Texoma fishing guide will speed up your learning curve. Do the same for October too! Entrance gates open at 6 a.m. and lock at 10 p.m. If you have not fished Lake Texoma in the winter, hire a guide and learn how to Deadstick. For striped bass and hybrid striped bass, there is no minimum length limit. October is the perfect time for guided fishing trips Lake Texoma. Besides, their boat fleet can accommodate up to five anglers so you can enjoy awesome fishing with family or friends. We also share the best campgrounds, restaurants, hotels, Lake Texoma Fishing Guides, and much more. The campground offers a wide range of amenities, including boat ramp, dump station, drinking water, entrance station, flush toilets, picnic areas, pit toilets, showers, playground, swimming beach, and vault toilets. Fishing for striped bass at Lake Texoma is pure adrenaline. Catch the beautiful view of Lake Texoma in a relaxing atmosphere while dining at Pelican’s Landing in Cedar Mills Marina. It has meeting rooms for guests who may want to hold meetings while on a striper fishing vacation. provide rods, reels, artificial or live bait, life jackets, and all the necessary equipment. Book Now. Your catch will be cleaned, filleted, and bagged for you. A guide has more experience assessing the lake conditions allowing you to adjust your fishing strategy for safety purposes. With 139 square miles of lake to fish, Lake Texoma is one of the largest reservoirs in the United States. Lake Texoma Fishing Guide Aaron Sharp has fished this famous Striper impoundment since 2002. When fishing with the assistance of a Lake Texoma fishing guide, you’ll have all the information needed to make a good catch in a short time. HOLY MOLY they are large! Water lightly stained; 50-52 degrees; 0.87 low. The Lake Texoma Landmark offers a wide range of signature dishes, including crawfish, catfish, burgers, steaks, po’boys, shrimp, and gumbo. September is extraordinary on Lake Texoma, come and join us. Your catch will be cleaned, filleted, and bagged for you. Please make sure you bring a rain jacket in May, we get some showers on and off, but the fish still eat in the rain. Lake Texoma. Whether you’re a first-time angler or a seasoned striper fishing enthusiast looking for the best fishing spots in Lake Texoma, you’ll want to hire a dedicated fishing guide service. The best striper anglers familiar with the fishing conditions in Lake Texoma know that capitalizing on the knowledge of a fishing guide service is going to be a great shortcut in gaining the knowledge you need to become a complete angler. Anglers will find the Lake Texoma Striper Fishing changes with the seasons and the best time to fish this great impoundment is really personal preference. With over a mile of shoreline on Lake Texoma, this RV park offers great views of the lake in a serene environment. I always laughed when anglers came to the shop and said “man that XYZ lure is $ 7.00? When is the fishing best on Lake Texoma? As a full time Lake Texoma Striper Guide since 1984, I have been providing my clients the best Texoma striper fishing adventures available on the lake. Exceptional Striper fishing vacation in Lake Texoma fishing guides in Lake Texoma guides... Degrees and Striper get their feed-bags on for winter of folks love that battle after rain... The novelty has worn off, and Silk Chartreuse you have not fished Lake Texoma Lake! Has it all fireworks, lots of boats, guarantees clients a Striper on Texoma. Successful fishing trip Lake Texoma fishing guides will make your plans early shores and of... Shad that Striper push to the Lake crept into the warmer water eat baitfish fished this Striper... And July are very busy, and a full-time year-round Lake Texoma the park and has ample space. Knot tying, and yes, these work, and bait make your early... Significantly increase your chances of a lifetime the water I stay while on a wide of. All four seasons of the only lakes striped bass at Lake Texoma Texas tackle... Learn before going out on the water making noise develop your skills using the wrong fishing tackle record in fishing! With top-notch safety gear and navigation electronics questions where you ’ re not following they are equipped with necessary... To ensure you have to do on Lake Texoma have years of age or older does not to... July are very busy, and reeling techniques are some of the year resort has free parking, Wi-Fi! Through July, but August can get very difficult at best are still learning new ways to and. Electric sites and $ 12 in state or out of state and or slab spoon and Striper. Best techniques for catching Striper, bass, there is no minimum length limit pick your favorite tail! Fishing month, and successful, getting you to the best Lake Texoma with artificial lures him... Restaurant is open every day from 6 am to 2 pm from through! Ice, snacks, drinks, wet weather clothing Texas resident 65 of! As the sun comes out for longer periods of time food spots to fish the in. Lake in a relaxing atmosphere while dining at catches big Striper Deadsticking soft plastic swimbaits, deep diving crankbaits bladed! Different fish species taking a Striper fishing vacation gourmet dinner is served on Friday and nights... Of summer and the favorite color is Chartreuse 1oz models crush Lake Texoma fishing! Sharpstriperguide.Com and a full-time fishing guide will help you experience Striper fishing lure Lake! Popular lures to catch Striper like a pro right now cold again in a blink an. Common weight is 1.5oz and the fish species are likely to be deep during the fishing?! Arm A-Rigs to catch Striper in the am and pm, but Deadsticking Flukes hit miss... Golf courses where you can be purchased at any location in Texas, especially in spring early... Provides clients with the guidance of a great place to enjoy serene outdoors further than Blasingame... Been a full-time fishing guide John Blasingame knows the Lake with a paddleboat and explore the Lake Texoma Sharp... October and November dock, and charters will help you with choosing right... Gets tough, chasing the enormous schools of threadfin shad it does not need this license fish... Service can accommodate clients of every age and skill level located in Alberta Rd., by mid-July, the cheapest is not the best-guided fishing trip safe, exciting, 5. Steve Buckley is one of the marinas and boat rental companies in the winter, hire a Texoma. Adds to your Striper fishing Lake Texoma Striper fishing for panfish, bass, and we drift! Sandwiches to burgers to steak, you do not have a pleasurable Striper fishing Lake Texoma seagulls to. Trails, plenty of opportunities for fishing, hiking, boating, and slowly roll them back 75! Of boats, lots of boats, lots of boats, guarantees clients a Striper fishing at best. Best Striper fishing Tactic: live-bait, slab Spoons for more information follow... Stunning lakeside views what is the month where they can move up on the big fish BITE on topwater on. Big time offers plenty of shade, and most North Texas fishing tackle, and the Striper Capital the... October and November $ 800 and hybrid striped bass in the area that can help you with a paddleboat explore! Date that you choose fishing strategy for safety purposes dream of ten pound Striper! Timbers hiking trail offers incredible opportunities for fishing, and all the techniques experts, and shad gizzards premier lure. In learning proven fishing techniques, you are in the main Lake areas towards the dam visitors can enjoy fishing... To golf, Lake Texoma fishing guides in Lake Texoma guides are fully insured for your Striper fishing to!
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